CWW Bass reviewed in Guitarist Magazine (UK)

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Click for larger version. Very pleased that this was picked up by the UK guitar press – thanks to ‘RN’ (Roger Newell?) for doing the review and giving us this vital exposure!  They even did a short video demo in the Guitarist Vault (their online digital content repository now that the CD has gone the way of the dodo).



New dealer promo, Feb 2012, and uh, hot shots…

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For the month of February we are offering the following for new dealers. Please contact us at to discuss them.

Order of 10 or more units, get 1 extra unit free.

Order of 20 or more units, get 1 bronze limited edition unit.


Chi-Wah-Wah bass will start shipping from September 1st 2011

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We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Chi-Wah-Wah Bass units will start shipping out to our dealers from September 1st 2011. Please check here for your nearest dealer: or send us a mail at if you wish to become a dealer.

Housings during one of the assembly stages:


More exciting pictures and updates over the next couple of days.


Plutoneium Guys

Nice demo of Chi-Wah-Wah from Jack Zucker

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Sheets Of Sound maestro Jack Zucker demos the Chi-Wah-Wah with a wide range of playing styles and sound combinations. One of my favorite demos to date. Thanks Jack!

More Chihuahuas with Chi-Wah-Wahs

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Courtesy of our Plutoneium Friend in Russia. Nice guitar in the background btw. Love that colour.

Bass prototypes – color swatches

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Some prototypes of the bass Chi-Wah-Wah we put together so we can decide on the final color scheme. We’ll go with one of either black like the original, or these rather cool hammered red and gloss yellow versions.


Chi-Wah-Wah and Chihuahua

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I hope this picture doesn’t incite the rage of those PETA folks,  but here’s Rainman (owner: Koori) posing with his Bronze Limited Edition Chi-Wah-Wah and his Standard.

No Chi-Wah-Wahs were harmed in the taking of this picture.