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17 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Luis M. Piozza Says:

    Hi. How I can buy your Chi-wah-wah. Online? Instruments store?
    I live in Spain.
    Very thanks,

  2. Hi – pls mail us at to buy direct as we do not currently have a Spanish distriubutor.



  3. is local pcikup in s’pore available if i buy a chi-wah wah? great product by the way!!

  4. Any plans to make an expression pedal with this small enclosure? You would sell tons.

  5. Will you ever make a volume pedal in an enclosure this size?

  6. Hey guys! Love the form factor of this wah. I know you’ve probably already got a lot of requests for a bass version, but I’d like to chime in on that too! Bass version please! 😀

  7. Dan Gruss Says:

    Hi, would you be making a bass-friendly version of this pedal anytime soon, maybe along with the version that has an adjustable time delay? That would be amazing!

    • Hi,

      Yes, we are thinking of producing a bass version. No definite timetable just yet. Hopefully, we’ll have more to announce on this soon 🙂



  8. Hi. I’m living in South Korea, and I just wanna know where is dealer.
    Acording to ‘How to buy – Option 1’ I have a dealer. But I don’t no where is it.
    Where is dealer in South Korea??
    Answer me plz.

  9. Hey cool dudes @ Plutoneium,

    You have a very happy customer here. Extremely happy with the size and the tone of the pedal. You guys have done a great job.

    Just want to talk about some of the complaints about the 1 sec delay time in switching off the wah. I myself don’t find that disturbing at all. In fact the wah at that position is very similar to the bypassed sound. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t pay particular attention to it. Very good job boys. Keep it up. Cheers.


    • Hi Yong,

      Thanks for the nice comment… we’ve actually shortened the delay in the newer pedals due to customer feedback. We’ve actually only received a handful of complaints, I think around 2-3 so far. We’re happy to reduce the delay time of our first pedals that had slightly longer delays than the current pedals. We have a blog page on that. 🙂

      Very happy to hear you enjoy our product.


  10. Hello Plutoneium,

    When will your wah be available in the UK? I’m very interested in getting myself one! Also, do you have any plans for any other pedals (delay, phase, etc…)???

    kind regards,


  11. Hi Jimbo,

    We ship to the UK, send (see contact page) and we’ll arrange to ship you a unit. See the products page, we also have a special edition version.

    As for other pedals, our next pedal in the production stage is a bass version of the Chi-Wah-Wah… and yes, there are plans for others after that.

    Thanks for your interest!


  12. Great Chi Wah Wah party in Bankok! When will you schedule party in Sacto? Please don’t make us cry…wah wah wah!
    Pah Pah

  13. Please make a passive volume pedal in this small format. Preferably geared and not requiring any batteries.

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