Bass prototypes – color swatches

Some prototypes of the bass Chi-Wah-Wah we put together so we can decide on the final color scheme. We’ll go with one of either black like the original, or these rather cool hammered red and gloss yellow versions.



13 Responses to “Bass prototypes – color swatches”

  1. Marco Villarreal Says:

    I like the red, I should be ordering my chi-wah-wah for guitar on Friday, my PT nano has a spot reserved for it. 🙂

  2. You dirty monkeys! Awesome! I’ll take a prototype when you are done. Like the red!

  3. Red!!! PLZ!

    and THANKS!!! 😉


  4. Yellow! Absolutely, positively. Can’t remember when’s the last time someone put out a cool pedal in yellow.
    (red makes it look too much like a mini Whammy)
    And just in case you don’t know what to do with that yellow…please think of me 🙂


  6. AHHH! Can’t wait! Don’t really mind the colour though… They both look great. When can we hear a demo?

  7. I love yellow. I am dying to get this pedal. Any updates on availability?

  8. Can’t wait to have a Bass Chi Wah Wah!

    …, yellow, blue ….

    When will be available the bass version?

  9. Hi all

    We aim a launch of August 1st for this Bass unit.



  10. Thank you
    I look forward to this bass version 🙂

  11. Any News?? 😛

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