Yes, we know ‘size isn’t everything’…

First and foremost is SOUND – that’s of paramount importance obviously, but Chi-Wah-Wah is not only designed to sound great (which we think it does and gladly, some others concur) but it also happens to be the world’s smallest Wah pedal. Here’s a comparative size chart:


L to R: Boss DS-1, Chi-Wah-Wah (CWW), Morley Mini Wah, Dunlop Crybaby, Teese RMC 2 (or 3 – I forget which), Boss V-Wah, Morley BH-2.

CWW is only slightly larger than the DS-1 – with Boss pedals pretty much through ubiquity kind of defining anything close to a standard size of pedal. The ‘mini’ occupies about 150% the space of the CWW – it’s size is deceiving as while it’s shorter than say a Crybaby, that size is put onto the side – the mini is quite a bit wider than a Crybaby.  The Crybaby and Teese are both identical in size (being made from the same standard chassis) and are around double CWW’s footprint. The big daddy is the Bad Horsie, being about 4 times larger than CWW.

Oh, that Chi-Wah-Wah is our workshop reference unit. I sprayed it with some silver paint so it didn’t get mixed up with the other units.


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