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New testing board I put together

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Here’s a nice picture of a new pedalboard I put together yesterday. The pedals at PHQ were getting in a bit of a mess so I decided to invest in a Pedaltrain Junior to tidy them up a bit. Plus, I bought a new Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Plus 2 which is mounted underneath. The PT Jnr now has two holes cut out at the back of the frame which are obviously made with the PP2 in mind – the socket positions are exactly right once it is mounted (I use 3M Dual Lock).

So here it is:


Sequence is:

Guitar –> Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah – Barber Dirty Bomb –> Fulltone Catalyst –> BB Preamp –> One Control Mesquite Blender –> Mod Tone Delay.   To those who are wondering, no, I don’t use all those distortions/overdrives turned on at once.

Now – the One Control Mesquite Blender is a little pedal I’m quite excited about – it’s a true/hard bypass looper with a difference – in that it has a wet/dry mixer knob on it so I can blend the amount of the effects in the loop to my desires. It’s the next logical evolution from the true-bypass looper I had before which was custom made and had no blend – it just switched things in and out.

In the loop, I have put some modulation/reverb effects. There’s the EVH Phase 90 –> Guyatone Flanger -> EHX Reverb. None of these have there own mix/level control, so the One Control Mesquite Blender works great here as the mixer. So the signal comes in from the BB Preamp into the One Control, then if the pedal is off, it goes straight out to my delay. When I turn it on, it brings the Phaser, Flanger and Reverb into the chain (which I can also turn on and off individually).


It’s a beautifully made little pedal too and it feels very solid. The finish has a brushed anodized look which is beyond classy – it reeks of high quality. The control knob has a nice firm feel to it too. I highly recommend it – more info here:


Yes, we know ‘size isn’t everything’…

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First and foremost is SOUND – that’s of paramount importance obviously, but Chi-Wah-Wah is not only designed to sound great (which we think it does and gladly, some others concur) but it also happens to be the world’s smallest Wah pedal. Here’s a comparative size chart:


L to R: Boss DS-1, Chi-Wah-Wah (CWW), Morley Mini Wah, Dunlop Crybaby, Teese RMC 2 (or 3 – I forget which), Boss V-Wah, Morley BH-2.

CWW is only slightly larger than the DS-1 – with Boss pedals pretty much through ubiquity kind of defining anything close to a standard size of pedal. The ‘mini’ occupies about 150% the space of the CWW – it’s size is deceiving as while it’s shorter than say a Crybaby, that size is put onto the side – the mini is quite a bit wider than a Crybaby.  The Crybaby and Teese are both identical in size (being made from the same standard chassis) and are around double CWW’s footprint. The big daddy is the Bad Horsie, being about 4 times larger than CWW.

Oh, that Chi-Wah-Wah is our workshop reference unit. I sprayed it with some silver paint so it didn’t get mixed up with the other units.

A couple of customer testimonials, and a nod to our U.K. dealer Guitar XS who is proving to be a great partner of ours

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Forwarded on from our fantastic U.K. dealer who is providing rapid and personal service to the U.K. customer base. Thanks Doug and the Guitar XS folks!

Hi Doug

Many thanks, Chi-Wah-Wah arrived yesterday morning, giving me plenty of time to set it up and play around when I should have been getting on with some work!

This pedal is just brilliant.  I have tried several conventional wahs in the past, and never really got on with them, just could not integrate the mechanical action naturally with my playing.  Not to mention the huge size of them, which would never fit on what you will see from the attached is a very busy board.  So I resorted to a Ibanez Auto-wah for a couple of years, which is ok-ish, but…(and I managed to leave it on now and then, leading to huge on-stage embarrassment!).   This Chi is just so much more intuitive, and allows an instinctive ‘wah on demand’ approach.  In conjunction with string bends or whammy it’s killer.  The difficulty will be to employ restraint, and not just slip the odd wah in everywhere in an indiscriminate fashion.  All too tempting.

Anyway, thanks again for the rapid delivery.

best regards

David, U.K.


Chi-Wah-Wah front and centre on David’s board.


Hi Doug,
just a quick line to say thanks for the great service, my pedal arrived within 24 hrs. It has been a pleasure to deal with you.
I wish everything in life could go as smoothly!
Malcolm, U.K.


Having read the guitarist magazine article,i tracked one down,and recieved it yesterday,and have had two rehearsals with two different bands,and in both cases,the other guitarist was impressed,and there may be more sales !!,its a fantastic bit of kit,exactly whats needed in a wah,versatile sounds,you can set it to boost the volume for the solo,with convential wah pedals,you are two clicks away from your solo,but simply put your foot on the pedal,and your wah is on and the preset volume increase for your solo,no dancing,but hey we,re not trying to impress the x factor judges with our choreography !!!,just want to start our solos with minimum fuss !!!

Terry, U.K.