2 Responses to “8vb”

  1. Terry Steward Says:

    Having read the guitarist magazine article,i tracked one down,and recieved it yesterday,and have had two rehearsals with two different bands,and in both cases,the other guitarist was impressed,and there may be more sales !!,its a fantastic bit of kit,exactly whats needed in a wah,versatile sounds,you can set it to boost the volume for the solo,with convential wah pedals,you are two clicks away from your solo,but simply put your foot on the pedal,and your wah is on and the preset volume increase for your solo,no dancing,but hey we,re not trying to impress the x factor judges with our choreography !!!,just want to start our solos with minimum fuss !!!

  2. Dear Terry

    So glad to hear that you are loving the product!

    Kind regards

    The Plutoneium guys

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