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Random shot of Ed at PHQ

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Chi-Wah-Wah test drive – Thailand

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Video from a customer in Thailand

Some pics of Chi-Wah-Wah in-situ on customer pedalboards

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Customer in Thailand with Bronze Limited Edition

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United States customer – Chi-Wah-Wah shown next to a Crybaby for size

toms board

Customer feedback – delay in effect switching

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Chi-Wah-Wah has started out much more successfully than we could have hoped for and I’m pleased to say that within the first month since we put them on sale, we’ve shipped almost 200 units. Thank you to all our customers worldwide who have parted with their hard-earned cash and put faith in our product. We are tremendously proud and grateful.

Having a relatively wide user base quickly has also enabled us to get valuable customer feedback – nearly all of it overwhelmingly positive around the form factor, usability and of course, great sound. We also received many suggestions about the product – enhancements to it and further product lines – requests for a bass version were high up the list, as were volume pedals in the Chi-Wah-Wah form factor and expression pedals. Some of these have been under consideration for quite some time by us and some of these are ideas new to us, for which we are thankful.

We did receive some constructive feedback on the delay from about half a dozen users: the Chi-Wah-Wah has a short delay built in (by design) which is there to prevent the pedal from switching back and forth between the dry and effected signal in an unwanted fashion.  For example – say you are playing a wah-inflected solo or guitar part and you sweep the pedal widely from bass to treble. When the pedal is in the full bass position, you don’t always want it to instantly switch back to the dry (non wah) signal – you might be in the middle of wah-ing and just wanted to be in the bass region for a while. The delay is there to give the user a  bit of breathing space before switching back so that the sound does not become choppy, i.e. change from dry to effected to dry to effected all the time, and it lasts about 1 second.  You will find a similar delay in other similar class wah pedals such as the Bad Horsie 2 from Morley and the Crybaby G95Q (both great pedals IMHO) and again I iterate, it is there by design and is not a product fault.

We have had a little bit of feedback from customers who loved the Chi-Wah-Wah but did not like the length of the delay. Of course we want our product to be the best it can be, with the widest appeal – consequently we revisited the delay timing and after much deliberation, reduced it by about half the time for all units shipping since last week. In fact, a tweakable delay timing was always in the product planning for our next version of the pedal (oops- did I just let the cat out of the bag?)

For existing users, I’d encourage you to not suffer the knee jerk reaction in thinking ‘oh my god’ – mine is a V1 and has the longer delay – it’s inferior!’ – it isn’t. Consider that the Chi-Wah-Wah was two years in R&D and we used the same 1 second delay timing throughout; it never bothered me, felt completely natural for all my tester buddies and guinea pig players, and for greater than 190 out of 200 users who currently have the pedal, is not an issue at all – play with pedal and be Zen about that’s what it was designed to do.   If you really cannot abide the delay length, please contact us and we will arrange to have a software update done. Please note however that since this is not a fault per se (i.e. the delay length was a V1 design decision) you’d have to pay to get it back to us to essentially get the V2 software (unfortunately the software is not user updatable). In the interests of customer happiness, we will bear the charge to return the pedal to you once it has been updated. Does this sound reasonable?

Cool new clip from DemoColorScheme – Heavy/Ambient/noise

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I love this clip – heavy sludgy track with gothic metal overtones and the Chi-Wah-Wah put to great atmospheric use. See – wahs aren’t just for Hendrix wannabes. 🙂