Chi-Wah-Wahs NOW SHIPPING!!!!

Wow – we got so caught up in putting together our first big shipment to Japan that we clean forgot to update the site with the news that Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wahs are now shipping! Here’s an arty low angle shot of a bunch just going into QA before going into boxes to ship all around the world – good luck little pedals – hope you end up in loving homes where your owners tread all over you!

To our potential customers, please check the Buy Information page for the current purchasing options.



2 Responses to “Chi-Wah-Wahs NOW SHIPPING!!!!”

  1. Awesome!! More power!! I just bought a hell babe wah from behringer..Total crap! amazing I saw this on you tibe and the size is perfect!! will you ship some in Shanghai????

    More power!!!!

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