New videos uploaded

Not being satisfied with the sound quality of the last set of videos, I enlisted the help of a friend who has some experience with Cakewalk and stuff. We did these recordings last month and I think the sound quality is a lot better.

You can see them at the YouTube Plutoneium channel, but here’s my favorite below. If your bandwidth is fast enough, you can watch them in 720p HD. There are four in total, both clean and dirty sounds with each of my Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster and my Les Paul Standard…

In response to some comments that the pedal moves while I tread on it, this is due to the floor at our workshop having a thickish carpet on the ground, so when I press down, the carpet compresses and moves. On a pedalboard, or on a hard floor, the pedal will of course not move, since it will either be mounted using something like velcro, or will be on its tough rubber feet which give a good grip to the ground.


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