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As part of the launch festivities, we are making a limited run of 50 units which will have some special internal electronic goodness and will also be housed in bronze armor, rather than the regular black powder-coated version. Of course, this limited edition version will be more expensive and more exclusive but we reckon on it becoming quite collectible, and its capacity for aging (getting a ‘patina’) is quite appealing.

Well, anyway – here’s the raw bronze which we saw yesterday on a visit to one of our manufacturing partners. 90 kilograms of the highest quality bronze money can buy, in four coils of differing widths to accommodate the requirements of the metal stamping machines.

IMG_0202 IMG_0205


Chi-Wah-Wah prototype in-situ on my pedalboard at home

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IMG_3705 IMG_3706 IMG_3715 IMG_3716

Wallpaper 1024×768

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Launching March 2010

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World’s smallest, most compact Wah Wah pedal, launching March 2010.


Announcing the Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah

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Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah pedal – Launching march 2010

World’s most compact wah pedal at 5.24” (L) x 2.83” (W) x 2.32” (H).

Copy of wah-12

pedalthumb pedalthumbside

Compact design – fits easily on effects boards.

Wah On Demand – tread on to turn on.

Inductor-based resonant Wah circuit with 100% analog signal path.

Soft transition switching between bypass and Wah effect.

Fully buffered bypass mode, ultra low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and noise.

Switchless optical actuation design – more durable than mechanical switched designs.

Armored 1.5mm high strength rolled steel custom housing construction with tough powder coat.

“The Chi-Wah-Wah features a completely original 100% analog signal path that has the versatility to capture and recreate the legendary Wah sounds of yore, or take the effect into new sonic realms if you so desire.  All of this within a compact armored housing that will take up the space of only a single standard-sized effects pedal, with an actuation designed to free you to spontaneously express yourself through your music.”